Fixing The Links

The main aim of this scheme is to deliver improvement to the quality of pedestrian links between Bletchley Railway Station, Bletchley Town Centre and Bletchley Bus Station.


What’s happening?

Fixing The Links
Fixing The Links
  • New alternative route implemented to keep your network moving
  • Removing a section of the Locke Road retaining wall to ‘open up’ pedestrian access to the town centre
  • Removing underpass infrastructure that is no longer in use
  • Reducing the size of Brunel Roundabout
  • Improving the safety of pedestrian/cyclist crossing points
  • Installation of a Redway link along Buckingham Road/V7
  • Installing new LED lighting [e.g. under Brunel Bridge]
  • Improving highway/walkway drainage
  • Improving signage and wayfinding


Fixing the links design image
Fixing The Links - Design & Location


  • Better links between the train station and the town centre will bring economic beneļ¬ts, especially when the East West Rail link between Bicester and Bletchley opens.
  • This is one of a number of projects that the Council is undertaking to regenerate Bletchley.
  • The Council made improvements to the bus station in 2014.  Moreover, Queensway will be opened up to through traffic again in Summer 2016.

When and for how long?

Work started in January 2016 and will complete in Autumn 2016.

Will this mean roadworks?

Yes – there will be some traffic management in place whilst work is carried out in this area; however, every effort is being made to keep inconvenience to a minimum.  

Pedestrian Diversions

Pedestrian diversion plan (PDF, 639KB)

Traffic Management & Diversions

Schedule - What's going on and when? (PDF, 172KB)

Diversion Plans

Traffic Management & Pedestrian Management 20.06.16 (PDF, 575KB)

Road Closure Buckingham Road, East Bletchley & Saxon Street, North Bletchley (PDF, 268KB)

Road Closure Buckingham Road West Bletchley & Saxon Street (PDF, 400KB)

Road Closure Locke Road (PDF, 1.5MB)

Full Closure Duncombe Street (PDF, 2.2MB)