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Help us to plan the future of Milton Keynes 

Milton Keynes Council is preparing a new local plan for the Borough called Plan:MK.  Once adopted, Plan:MK will…

  • Decide how much new development is needed and where it should go.
  • Include detailed policies that will be used when making decisions on planning applications.

Plan:MK will review/replace the saved policies in the existing Local Plan which was adopted in 2005, and also review/replace the Core Strategy which was adopted in 2013. 

The information below sets out what has already been done as part of the process to prepare and eventually adopt Plan:MK.  As we continue to move through the Plan:MK preparation process, we’ll also update our Consultation Statement (PDF, 3.5MB).

February 2017

The Draft Preferred Options Plan:MK document is now available ahead of the Cabinet meeting to be held on 21 February, at which approval to publicly consult on the draft plan is being sought.

The draft Plan:MK document and its associated sustainability appraisal are available at the following links. Furthermore, following publication of the draft Plan:MK, two addenda have been produced. The first, to account for changes made to Chapter 13 of the document following the receipt of updated evidence, and the second to correct a number of errors that have been identified in the published version of Draft Plan:MK. Both the addenda and an updated version of Chapter 13 "Homes and Neighbourhoods" are also available at the following links:

Plan:MK draft document 

Addendum to Draft Plan:MK for Cabinet 21 February 2017 (PDF, 72KB)

Plan:MK Addendum - Chapter 13 "Homes and Neighbourhoods" (PDF, 127KB)

Addendum 2 to Draft Plan:MK for Cabinet 21 February 2017 (PDF, 170KB)

Draft Plan:MK Initial Sustainability Appraisal (PDF, 1.9MB)


Previous Consultation stages

Strategic Development Directions Consultation: 13 January – 6 April 2016

The consultation sought feedback on a range of development directions that emerged as part of the Plan:MK workshops held in Spring 2015. The consultation provided an opportunity to comment on these development directions or suggest other ideas as to how and where Milton Keynes should grow in the future.

Vision Workshops: Spring 2015

A series of workshops were held with a range of key stakeholders to understand what their priorities and ambitions are for the future of the Borough, and to get thoughts on how and where Milton Keynes might grow, and what it might look be like in the future.

Plan:MK Topic Papers: September – December 2014

The first consultation stage for Plan:MK asked stakeholders to explore the various issues that the plan would need to consider through a series of Topic Papers covering a range of issues.

  • All the topic papers consulted on can be viewed in the ‘Documents’ section of this page.

If you would like further information on the consultations carried out, and preparation of Plan:MK to-date, a detailed note of progress can be viewed here: PlanMK historic consultation timeline (PDF, 112KB)

Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report

As one of the documents to support the preparation of the Plan:MK, we will undertake a Sustainability Appraisal (incorporating a Strategic Environmental Assessment) of the emerging plan, to assess the overall sustainability of the plan and the options and policies within it.

The first stage of the process is to prepare a Scoping Report, which sets out the way in which the Sustainability Appraisal will be used through the plan preparation process. We consulted on this Scoping Report alongside the Topic Papers at the end of 2014.

A copy of the Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report can also be viewed under the 'Documents' section of this page.