School Admissions

Milton Keynes Council is the admissions authority for all community and voluntary controlled schools. However, the council coordinates admissions for all Milton Keynes schools, including foundation and voluntary aided schools and academies. These pages contain information and guidance on applying for a school place in Milton Keynes.

Applying for your child's first primary or secondary school place

Please note that if you live in Milton Keynes you need to apply to this council. If you live outside the borough you should apply through the home authority but may request a place at a school in Milton Keynes.

Changing your child's school (In-Year Admissions)

In-year admissions are where children wish to change school outside the usual transfer period.

Own admissions authorities

Own Admission Authorities are foundation and voluntary aided schools and academies where governors are responsible for the admissions. You can view their admission arrangements.

 Co-ordinated Admission Schemes for September 2015

The council is required to publish Co-ordinated Admission Schemes for September 2015 for all schools. The documents below outline the schemes to be co-ordinated by the council to support the admission of children due to start primary or secondary school in September 2015.

Consultation on the council's admissions arrangements for 2015

You will be aware that the council is required to consult on its admissions arrangements for September 2015 for all community and voluntary controlled schools.  The draft arrangements and documents for information, as well as a questionnaire outlinging the changes, can be found via the links below.

Your views about the draft arrangements are important for us.  Your concerns about or support for the proposed changes will be taken into account when forming the final document.  The deadline for submitting your questionnaire is Friday 7 February 2014.  All responses received will then be considered in determining the final arrangements, which will be published by Tuesday 15 April 2014.

Proposed admissions arrangements 2015 (PDF, 751KB)
Appendix 1 - in-year waiting lists (PDF, 21KB)
Admissions 2015 questionnaire (PDF, 21KB)