There is a national shortage of foster carers across the UK. Each day sees 63000 children living with over 52500 foster families but more foster carers are required to keep up with the demand.

We approve Foster Carers to care for children while their own parents are unable to look after them. This arrangement is sometimes temporary and the children will return home once it is clear that parents can safely care for them.

Sometimes decisions will be made for children to be adopted or stay in foster care on a long term basis. In some circumstances children may go to live with family members.  

There are a number of reasons why children in Milton Keynes are placed in care; there may be a crisis in the family, ill health, relationship difficulties or bereavement. For some children they will have experienced abuse and because of this, need to be protected. We will always do our best to keep brothers and sisters together where siblings need to be fostered. What ever the the reason the children need understanding and support.

Foster care is a positive way of looking after children because it allows them to live and develop within a family. Most of these children will be going through a difficult time and will rely on foster carers to help them gain a sense of confidence and security.  

Who can become a foster carer?

What are the skills needed?

Types of Fostering

Your journey in becoming a foster carer

Support and Training for Foster Carers

Fostering Payments

‚ÄčComplete the Online Fostering Enquiry Form if you feel you are able to offer a caring, loving and safe environment to care for children. Once the Online Enquiry Form is completed a member of the fostering team will normally contact you within 2 working days.

If you are currently a foster carer in the Milton Keynes area and are looking to transfer to a Local Authority feel free to give us a call.