Benefit Fraud Referral Form

Benefit Fraud Referral Form

Your details (optional) You do not have to tell us who you are, if you give us enough information we will always look into your query and take appropriate action. However, if you do tell us your details please note that, if the Council takes legal action as a result of your information, we cannot guarantee that your details will not be disclosed in court.

Suspected Claimant’s details For us to act on the information you give us we need to know as much about the person as you know.

Reason(s) for referral

The more information that you provide the more likely we will be able to carry out a full Criminal Investigation and Prosecute individuals who are committing Benefit Fraud. Have you given us as much as you can? If you check the following three sections and find you can add whatever information you know – it will make all the difference! Thank you. If the suspected person(s) has/have not declared their employment, are you able to tell us the name and address of their employer(s) in the information box? If they have not declared their full income please, again can you tell us the type and weekly amount of income they have not declared in the information box? If the suspected person(s) has/have not declared their partner or another person in their household please, if you can, tell us their full name and the name of their employer (if known) in the information box?

Details and remarks

Details of other persons living at the same property. Please complete this information if you are able to. It will not stop an investigation from taking place, but would be helpful for identification purposes.

Please attach any other relevant information.

Last Updated: 16 December 2021