What are the differences between the pension age and working age schemes?

Working age claimants will have to pay at least 20% of their Council Tax. On average, this means an £14 a month, although your own Council Tax Bill will explain exactly how much you will have to pay. Pensioners will be able to claim up to 100% of their Council Tax liability

Working age claimants who are earning but who are on a low income will be able to earn more before the help they get with their Council Tax is affected.

Working age claimants with savings of more than £6,000 will not normally be entitled to support unless they are receiving Income Support, Job Seekers’ Allowance (Income Based) or Employment and Support Allowance (Income Related). For pensioners the limit is £16,000.

Working age claimants cannot claim the second adult rebate so they will not get additional help because someone with a low income has moved in to their home and the single person discount has been removed. People who live alone can still claim a single person discount. Pensioners can still claim the second adult rebate.

Last Updated: 17 August 2021