Change in Circumstances

If you are receiving benefits and your circumstances have changed then you must let us know straight away. If you are not sure if the change affects your benefit award please contact us for further advice. 

Tell us about your changes online   

Examples of changes in circumstances, which you must tell us about, include:

  • You or your partner stop or start getting Income Support or any other type of state benefit
  • You or your partner start work or change jobs
  • You or your partner's savings go up or down
  • The number of people living with you changes
  • Anyone living with you, who is not in full-time education, reaches the age of 18
  • The amount of rent you have to pay changes
  • You move address (this includes moving to a flat or room at the same address)
  • You or your partner gives birth
  • Any of your children leave school
  • You or your partner going away temporarily. You must tell us how long you expect to be away. This could include things like going into hospital, moving in with a friend/relative to care for them or going on holiday abroad for 4 weeks or more. 

This list is only an example and does not include everything.

Let us know as soon as your circumstance change, giving full details of what the change is and the date it happened.

If the change increases your benefit entitlement, and you notify us more than four weeks after it occurred, your claim will be reassessed from the Monday following the date you notify us.

If you tell us within a calendar month of the change occurring, or if your benefit entitlement has been reduced, your claim will be reassessed from the date the change actually occurred. Please be aware there are some exemptions that apply for Tax Credits.

If you delay telling us of any changes it may mean that you lose out on some entitlement or it could mean that you have been overpaid and you will have to repay this.

When a claim is reassessed due to a change in circumstances, a letter will be sent to you explaining the reasons why your claim has been reassessed and detail any under or overpayment that there has been in your benefit entitlement.

If we contact you to review of your circumstances

We will sometimes write to you and ask you to complete a review form. If you have received an email or letter from us it with a link to this page, please use this link to download the review form. (PDF, 1MB) Do not use this form to tell us about changes unless we have written to you.


Last Updated: 29 March 2022