How do I apply for help with housing costs and Council Tax?


If you are of working age, you may no longer be able to make a new claim for Housing Benefit unless you fall into one of the categories below. 

Instead, you will need to claim Universal Credit (UC) from the Department for Work and Pensions for help with your housing costs.  

More information about Universal Credit, who can claim and how to claim can be found on the GOV.UK website 

Who can still make a new claim for Housing Benefit?

You can apply for Housing Benefit if;

  • You are receiving Pension Credit 
  • you are single and pension age
  • you and your partner are both pension age
  • you live in temporary accommodation 
  • you live in certain types of supported accommodation


Can I still get help with my Council Tax?

If you apply for Universal Credit, you will be asked if you want help with your Council Tax bill. If you say yes then the Department for Work and Pensions will send us information about your income, which we will use to see if we can reduce your council tax bill.   

You do not need to make an online application to us for a Council Tax Reduction unless; 

  • you will not be applying for UC, or
  • you are already receiving UC but have just moved to Milton Keynes, or
  • you are already on UC in Milton Keynes but not previously entitled to a Council Tax Reduction and your circumstances change, for example, your earnings or savings reduce or you become liable for Council Tax for the first time.

Apply for Housing Benefit or a Council Tax Reduction online

If you do not have access to a computer or the internet, or feel that you would need assistance in claiming on line, you can call us on 01908 253100 and we will be able to help you.

To claim you must tell us about your family, your home, your finances and your capital.  You must also provide us with original documents to show those things.

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction Checklist

Identity (ID) - 2 proofs of ID for both you and your partner

This could be your

  • driving licence
  • passport
  • medical card
  • national insurance card
  • home office letter
  • birth certificate etc

Residency - evidence of where you live

This could be your

  • utility bills showing your address
  • benefit letters
  • your signed tenancy agreement
  • Council Tax bill

Household – details of everyone who lives with you.

You will need to provide proof of identity of any non dependent adults and dependant children receive benefits who live at your address.

  • if you have non dependent adults you have to show evidence of their income too
  • if your dependant children receive benefits, such as disability payments you will need to provide evidence of them

Wages – proof of your wages

This is your payslips

  • 5 weekly
  • 3 fortnightly 
  • two monthly pay slips

They must be the most recent and consecutive. Or, if you are self-employed, your income and expenditure for the business.

Benefits - all state benefits and tax credits

You do not need to provide evidence of Child Benefit or other state benefits as we are able to check these directly with the Department of Work and Pensions or HMRC. 

Private pensions

We need to see your pension payment slip, a letter from your pension provider or evidence of it being paid into an account.

Savings and capital

If you are working age and have capital of more than £6,000 or of pension age with capital of more than £10,000 we need to see your pass book or the last two full months bank statements, they can’t be mini statements.  You have to provide this for every account you hold, share certificates or savings certificates.

Any other income

Help us to help you by declaring all income and making sure you have original documents that show your income together with any tax or National Insurance you are paying.

Proof of your rent liability 

Your signed original tenancy agreement (signed by all parties), a rent book or a letter from your landlord. You don’t need this you if you are a Council tenant.

Please note we are able to ask you to provide additional evidence and information if we believe this is necessary to support your claim or verify your entitlement. 

PLEASE UNDERSTAND: The rules say that we can not assess your claim without the proof we ask for in the list above. However, we can still accept your claim without them whilst you gather the information.

Where else can you get help with making a claim?

We work with lots of groups and people in our Community.  Typically you may be able to get help from:

Don't delay, claim today.


Last Updated: 4 May 2022