Discretionary Council Tax Reduction

Apply for Discretionary Council Tax Reduction

Discretionary Council Tax Reduction helps Council Tax payers who are in financial need where assistance cannot be met by the main Council Tax Reduction scheme

This scheme has two objectives:

  1. Enable the Council to consider a reduction in the Council Tax for a dwelling to applicants who meet the qualifying criteria as specified in the policy.
  2. Meet the needs of vulnerable people and make a contribution to the alleviation of child poverty by:
  • Easing severe financial pressure on families and individuals who circumstances are such that they incur essential additional day to day living costs, which they are unable to meet from their income.
  • Helping local people through personal crises and difficult events.
  • Ensuring that pensioners receiving a war pension are not adversely affected financially by the abolition of Council Tax Benefit.
  • Supporting young people leaving care in the transition to adult life.
  • Encouraging and sustaining people in employment.

Last Updated: 7 January 2020