Parish Precepts

Your parish charge comprised of one or more of the following elements:

Precept for it's own purposes

This is the amount your parish council has decided it needs to finance the services and functions it has responsibility for and performs itself.

Section 136 Precept

So termed because under S136 of the Local Government Act 1972 parish and town councils can choose to contribute to expenditure on certain activities in their areas which are provided by another authority. This amount (shown below) reflects the contribution to the maintenance costs of public open spaces, highway verges, and sports grounds within your parish. Additionally, if your parish/town council has elected to opt in, it may also include where relevant the maintenance costs of play areas and allotments.

Please note parish meetings, as opposed to parish councils do not have the power to levy these precepts.

Special Expenses

Special Expensing is a mechanism used to protect taxpayers of parish & town councils that have joined S136 from paying again for those services in areas which have not joined S136.

For further information on the make up of your parish precept please contact your parish clerk. Contact details can found on this website.

Last Updated: 2 April 2020