Circumstances when a Death is reported

The list below details the circumstances when a death is reported to the Coroner
  • The cause of death is unknown
  • It cannot readily be certified as being due to natural causes
  • The deceased was not attended by the doctor during their last illness or was not seen within the last 14 days or viewed after death
  • There are any suspicious circumstances or history of violence
  • The death may be linked to an accident (whenever it occurred)
  • There is a question of self-neglect or neglect by others
  • The death has occurred or the illness arose during or shortly after detention in police custody (including voluntary attendance at a police station)
  • The deceased was detained under the Mental Health Act
  • The death is linked with an abortion
  • The death might have been contributed to by the actions of the deceased (such as a history of drug or solvent abuse, self-injury or overdose)
  • The death could be due to industrial disease or related in any way to the deceased's employment
  • The death occurred during an operation or before full recovery from the effects of an anaesthetic or was in any way related to the anaesthetic (in any event of a death within 24 hours should normally be referred)
  • The death may be related to a medical procedure or treatment whether invasive or not
  • The death may be due to lack of medical care
  • There are any other unusual or disturbing features to the case
  • The death occurred within 24 hours of admission to hospital
  • It may be wise to report any death where there is an allegation of medical mismanagement
  • Any maternal death relating to pregnancy or childbirth
  • Any still birth

Last Updated: 4 August 2020