What happens after you've booked your ceremony


As soon as you book your ceremony with us you will be sent an email confirming the details.  Check your spam folder if this isn't received.

This email will confirm:

  • your booking reference number
  • the date and time of your ceremony
  • where you have told us that your ceremony is taking place
  • your payment and payment reference number
  • details of what you need to do next...

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Terms and conditions

Within 14 days from making your booking you need to read through our terms and conditions, print off the last page, sign and date this and then return these to us within 14 days.  This confirms your booking in our diary, subject to:

  • completion of the legal notice process;  
  • completion of any Home Office investigations (if applicable);
  • clearance of any foreign paperwork via the General Register Office (if applicable).

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Book your notice of marriage / civil partnership appointment

Before a legal marriage ceremony or civil partnership formation can take place you must complete the legal preliminaries, known as a notice of marriage or notice of civil partnership.  Further details of which can be found on our notice of marriage / notice of civil partnership page, including details of the documents required at your appointment.  You may also wish to view information on the difference between a marriage and civil partnership.  

Once you know that meet all of the notice requirements and have the relevant documents you can book your notice appointment by using the links below or by calling 01908 372101.

Book a notice of marriage appointment

Book a notice of civil partnership appointment

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Marriage and civil partnership brochures

Please take your time to read through your Marriage Ceremony Brochure (PDF, 5MB) or Civil Partnership Brochure (PDF, 4MB) where you will find lots of information to help you plan and personalise your enhanced ceremony taking place in the Flowers Suite or one of our approved venues.  These brochures also contain suggested readings as well as helpful reminders to ensure that your day runs smoothly. 

If you are having an enhanced ceremony you need to think about your choices for the day and you will need to complete your ceremony options form, which you will find at the back of the relevant brochure above.  Please ensure you select the correct version as there are differences between the two). 

Your form, once completed, should be returned to the Register Office at least two weeks before your ceremony.

If you have booked your marriage or civil partnership in the Register Office room, which is our smaller room, you do not need to complete this form.  You will be seen together before the ceremony and we will guide you through the vows and other required elements of your ceremony.

Also, please take time to review the information in the ceremony process documents listed below and revisit nearer your ceremony date and things may change.

Statutory Ceremony Process (PDF, 108KB)

Flowers Suite Ceremony Process (PDF, 118KB)

Approved Venue Ceremony Process (PDF, 110KB)

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Last Updated: 26 July 2021