Registrars Online Certification (ROC)

ROC - developed by a Registration Service for a Registration Service. Contact the ROC Team for a free software demonstration - we have staff available to conduct online demonstrations of the ROC software at your convenience.

Introduction to ROC

Registrars Online Certification (ROC) is a replacement RSS system developed by a Registration Service for a Registration Service. With 14 Registration Services already using ROC and negotiations ongoing with others, now is the time for your Registration Service to invest in their future and secure the integrity of all historical data currently stored within RSS.

ROC is built to run on industry standard hardware and software components commonly used by IT departments, so all you pay is an annual fee for your ROC Software. This then provides you with a refined record search and certificate print process whilst ROC fully integrates with currently stored RSS data. This makes ROC the most cost effective solution for your Registration Service.

Milton Keynes Council are both the designers, developers and the supporters of the ROC system, so are in a fantastic position to understand any questions from both a Registration and IT level, whilst providing you with the best service possible.

Register Office Functionality

  • Birth, marriage and death index tables and birth and death registration data tables as stored in RSS are imported to ROC to ensure continuity of data for future use
  • Automatic, simultaneous searches of birth and death indexes to identify possible fraudulent birth certificate applications
  • On screen functionality to allow users to search records by type, preview required data and print
  • Automatic selection of the correct certificate format when printing registration data according to the date of registration
  • Certificates are printed using font sizes which are editable by all users within the ROC front end application to account for differences in printer resolution
  • Certificates are previewed in Microsoft Word to enable the user to check that the certificate data matches the data recorded in the register
  • Type and Print certificates editable and printable from any networked PC
  • Hierarchal system security and administration to limit system functionality based on role (three levels – Admin, Superintendent and Clerk)
  • Ability for Superintendent and Admin users only to annotate birth and death registration data records
  • Ability for Superintendent Registrars and Admin users only to lock and unlock birth and death registration data records for printing
  • Newly added index records saved to a ROC database not to year of event databases
  • Web based application

Technical Requirement

Client PC

  • Web-based – utilises Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Word 2010/2013


  • Locally hosted by purchasing site on Microsoft 2008 or 2012 Server platform
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or 2012
  • Apache Tomcat v9.xx.xx Web/JSP server
  • Java v1.8.xxxx, Microsoft JDBC Driver 4.2
  • ROC can be run in a Virtual Environment Services.

Last Updated: 30 November 2017