Milton Keynes Economic Development Strategy 2017-2027

Milton Keynes has strong inclusive economic growth benefiting businesses and residents and sustaining its reputation as a prosperous, innovative and culturally vibrant place.

​​​​​Milton Keynes Council, with partners, developed a new Economic Development Strategy for Milton Keynes in 2017:

Economic Development Strategy 2017-2027 (PDF, 13.5MB)

Purpose of the Strategy

The Economic Development Strategy seeks to build on the current economic success of Milton Keynes, to capitalise on potential future opportunities and to address the challenges the city faces. The aim of the strategy is to secure strong and inclusive growth which benefits businesses and residents, and to sustain the reputation of MK as a prosperous, innovative and culturally vibrant place. 

The strategy is based on four key priorities:

  1. Brand – embedding a brand that makes MK a special place with the foundations to build upon MK’s environment, leisure and cultural strengths
  2. Connections – working in local, regional, national and international partnerships to advocate for the city and secure physical and digital infrastructure and other investment to support inclusive growth
  3. Enterprise – closer engagement with business and ensuring MK continues to be a place where businesses prosper and grow
  4. Skills – ensuring residents and businesses can gain the skills they require to create a prosperous city.


Economic Development Strategy 2011-2016

The Economic Development Strategy 2017-2027 replaces the previous Economic Development Strategy which covered the period up to 2016:

Last Updated: 15 June 2021