Roundabouts Signs

Milton Keynes has 124 roundabouts. They are an ideal opportunity for local businesses to promote themselves, their location and their product

Interested in sponsoring a round about in Milton Keynes apply online using our Sponsorship form 

A scheme for their sponsorship has been developed by Milton Keynes Council. Signs are restricted to company name, corporate colours and strap lines. These are erected on existing roundabout name signs facing the roundabout's approaches. Currently over 80% of roundabouts are sponsored on a range of 1 to 5 year contracts. Discounts are offered for longer term contracts as well as further discounts for multiple roundabout sponsorship.

Details of roundabouts that are currently available (PDF, 189KB) as well as the costs per annum can be found within related links, together with a listing of our current sponsors as well as a copy of our Roundabout Sponsorship License Agreement.