Adoption Connects

Adoption is a way of providing a new permanent family for a child or siblings who cannot grow up with their birth parents or family.

We are pleased to announce that since 1st April we are running a new adoption service called Adoption Connects which will see both Central Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes adoption services merge as one.

In June 2015, the Department for Education announced that it wanted all Local authorities across the country to begin to work together in order to develop Adoption services specifically the recruitment and assessment of adopters and speeding up the placement of children for adoption.

There was a particular emphasis on those who wait the longest. Central Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes Council took this opportunity to work together and collaborate their adoption services. Ofsted already recognises the good services provided by both Local Authorities and this opportunity will help adoption services grow from being good to great.


What this means for you: 

We will have a wider more experienced pool of social workers and will have a dedicated Adoption Support team whose knowledge and experience will be available to families living in Central Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes. We will have more support events that you can access over a wider geographical area and will have a dedicated team to work with new families who wish to start their adoption journey.

The transformation will be a transitional process to minimise disruption to the service we provide to children and families, so we are not anticipating significant immediate changes for yourselves. We will keep you updated on the developing service and invite you to explore our new website for more information.

You can find out more about Adoption Connects by:

Telephone:  0300 300 8090




Last Updated: 30 September 2020