Foster Carer Profiles


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Kerry’s story

Age: 60

Job: Foster Carer

Approved for: 5-18 years of age

Placement offered: Permanent & Respite

To be a foster carer, it takes patience, humour, time, love, energy, and the ability to have an understanding of attachment needs, willingness to learn and knowing how to work as part of a team. It is important to treat the child as part of the family to make them feel welcome and that they are not any different to any other family member.

The greatest reward is watching a child grow and become more confident. The child I look after is achieving well at school, has many friends and is articulate, they are doing great at sport and have become such a huge part of the family

I am incredibly proud of my foster child for all the achievements that she has excelled in. She loves and trusts us and feels safe, which enables her to grow to her full potential.

Ryan and Ellie’s story

Age: 43 & 45

Job: Ellie- Foster Carer & Ryan: Warehouse operative

Approved for: 0-18 years of age.

Placement offered: Permanent

When you are thinking about the profession of foster caring, you need to be understanding, loving, caring, considerate and open minded and supportive no matter what the circumstances are.

This list of rewards when foster caring are endless; seeing children flourish, the biggest smile on their faces and just being happy. We are always very proud of our children, but particularly when we attend parents evening and hear how well they are achieving in school. All the children exceed in their subjects, the enthusiasm that they show is outstanding and they even won a True Triumph Award.

Garry and David’s story

Age: 38 & 43

Job: Hotel manager and account manager

Approved for: 12-18 years of age

Placement offered: Short term

How would you describe yourselves?

We are two young professionals with the time and energy to offer children a safe and welcoming place to live in. We've made great friends through foster caring and there are so many good things we've seen over time; the curve of change in acceptance, in happiness, in openness. You get fantastic support from the social workers and the courses are a great way to learn and build those professional relationships.

Our proudest moment as a foster carer is when foster child had a birthday get together with their family and we were not only invited but treated as equals to their actual family. That was a proud and heart warming moment.

Rebecca’s story

Age: 58

Job: Ex high school teacher

Approval for: 0-18 years of age

Placement offered: Permanent

To me, a good foster carer is flexible, self-aware, committed, adaptable and resilient with the ability to work with a range of professionals, but there are no set list of qualities. Everybody has their own skills that they can bring to it, the only overriding thing is that you care for humanity and society.

Foster Caring has rewarded me with a sense of contributing to wider society and pushing it in the right direction. Nothing compares with the overwhelming satisfaction that you are doing something you believe in.

A child came into our care with an acute mental health issue and with our support now no longer has this issue. This child now has a much better quality of life and a relationship with their family thanks to our support. That makes me really proud.

Karen and Mark Williams story

Age: 57 & 52

Job: Lorry Driver and Facilities Manager

Approved for: 10-18 years of age

Foster placement offered: Permanent, time limited, day care and respite.

I was a foster child when I was younger and I've always had an urge to give something back.  I have previously provided respite for one of my friends and I enjoyed it so much I wanted to do it permanently myself.

Our reward is seeing the progression of our foster child. It is like watching a flower blossom. Another benefit is just how much you learn. It is a learning process for us as foster carers as much as it is the child in our care.

Good foster carers are every day normal people. There isn’t a specific long set of skills or qualities. All different types of children require all different types of people. The training courses and the support from the social workers and all of the council staff have been fantastic as well. It left us fully prepared to start fostering.

Zaaid Beshara story

Age: 36

Job: Police Officer

Approval for: 0-18 years of age

Placement offered: Permanent, Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking, Respite, Remand

How would you describe yourself?

I am just a regular person who wants to make a positive difference to peoples lives.

Commitment, empathy, tolerance, flexibility, resilience, a can do attitude, a willingness to learn; every single person has it within them to make an excellent foster carer and the ability to make a difference to a young persons life.

From my experience, the reward of foster carer is that you know you are turning around a young persons life from an incredibly low point and giving them the platform to build a successful life. A child came into my care from the Middle East having gone through an unbelievably traumatic experience and was very withdrawn and struggled with the language. Working together along with the local authority all the other related agencies, saw this child transform over the placement and is progressing well in school and busy deciding their next steps. The turnaround was remarkable and was a really proud moment in my foster carer career.

Suzann Brzycki

Age: 47

Job: Foster Carer and Part time teaching assistant

Approved for: 5-18 years of age

Foster placement offered: Short term

The reward of foster caring is knowing that you have made a difference to a child's life. A perfect example of this was when a child that has recently moved on left a lovely note on their bed, thanking me for being there for them and that I am like a second mum to them.

Last Updated: 16 November 2020