Fostering Payments


Fostering a child is not volunteering – it is a profession and is rightly rewarded as such.  We believe our financial allowances are sufficient for carers and looked after children to prosper, and it is only one part of the support we offer.  In addition to the weekly allowance, Milton Keynes’ carers receive birthday and festive period payments to help cover these annual costs for the child in their care.  They also receive an allowance to take the child in their care on an annual family holiday.  Our carers are also entitled to two weeks’ annual paid holiday too! 


Newly approved foster carers will be on Tier 1 fee rate until their first household review.  Following the review and where there is evidence that the foster carer(s) have demonstrated completion of core training, their fee will be paid at Tier 2 fee and Foster carers are also entitled to a maximum of two week’s holiday allowance (see table below):

Professional Fee Tier 1 Tier 2
Weekly Fee per child: £146.00 £182.00
Two week holiday allowance: £292.00 £364.00


The weekly allowance paid to foster carers is designed to cover the practical needs of the child in their care; from clothes and food to outings and all treats a looked after child needs. 

Milton Keynes Fostering Allowances from 1 April 2019 linked to Department of Education National Minimum Fostering Allowance, South East Rate: All Foster Carers, irrespective of their tier will receive an allowance. Foster Carers are paid an allowance to meet the needs of the children/young people they are looking after.

Age Range: 0-4 age range 5-10 age range 11-15 age range 16-17 age range
Weekly Allowance: £147.00 £163.00 £185.00 £218.00
Birthday Allowance: £78.00 £96.00 £119.00 £153.00
Festival Allowance: £78.00 £96.00 £119.00 £153.00
Annual Holiday Allowance per child: £300.00 £300.00 £300.00 £300.00
Mileage rate 0.45p per mile 0.45p per mile 0.45p per mile 0.45p per mile

Staying Put and Supported Lodgings

From the young person’s 18th birthday they are no longer looked after and in care; therefore Foster Carer allowances and children looked after allowances no longer apply. As such, and in order to assist with preparing for independence, young people are expected to take responsibility for some parts of the allowances Foster Carers previously provided.

Scheme: Supported Lodgings Staying Put
Support from Carer: £100.00 £100.00
Rent/Utilities: £115.00 £115.00
Mileage rate: 0.45p per mile 0.45p per mile
Food: £35.00 £35.00
Total: £250.00 £250.00


Last Updated: 31 May 2019