Becoming a foster carer


Apply Online- Fostering Enquiry Form  

If you believe that you have the skills and aptitude to become a foster carer then we are committed to helping you realise your goal.

Vulnerable children and young people will be coming to live in your home. For this reason you will be expected to go through a process of preparation and assessment to ensure you have the ability and capacity to become a foster carer. You will need to demonstrate that you have the skills to care for other people’s children and have an empathy and understanding for what it is like for children to be separated from their families, for whatever length of time.

The process following your enquiry:

Initial Home visit

You will have the ability to discuss the assessment process in more detail. Basic information will be taken about you and your family, this is also your opportunity to ask any questions.

Progressing your application

If you meet our initial criteria we will invite you to complete a formal application which gives us your consent to undertake the required checks e.g. criminal record, medical, personal and work references.

Preparation course

We run a nationally recognised course called the 'Skills to Foster' designed by Fostering Network which all potential carers attend. The training will help you understand why children enter care, as well as your role and responsibilities as a foster carer.

The Assessment

This involves a Social Worker making a number of visits to you and your family asking detailed questions about your life, childhood, family and how you would respond and nurture a child in care.

We anticipate that the process will take no more than 24 weeks. If it is going to be longer, you will be kept informed about the reasons why and updated on the likely timescales.

This may seem like a long time to you however, if you have taken the right steps and have worked with us to achieve your goal, you will succeed.

So if you feel the time is right, start your journey now to care for a child or young person through fostering.

Last Updated: 31 May 2019