The FAST Team

The Family Assessment and Support Team (FAST) works in partnership with families, helping them understand what’s going wrong in their lives whilst addressing the needs of their children.

The Family Assessment and Support Team (FAST) works alongside front line Family Support Teams including the MASH (Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub), providing intensive support to families in their own homes. These are families with a variety of needs and FAST will work with parents/carers to offer the  additional support identified to ensure that children are appropriately cared for and work with the families to promote, assist and support them to make beneficial changes.

The team works from 8am - 9pm seven days a week and provides a wide range of support services to families including parenting strategies, protective behaviours work, setting of routines and boundaries, mental health support, parenting assessments and practical support to families. FAST also offer group sessions at the Coffee Hall Centre designed to look at specific issues, healthy eating, relationships, etc.

FAST’s Impact on Children:

  • Engendering a positive start to children’s lives, through addressing risk in a constructive and robust manner through     focused support and interventions 
  • Enabling older children to attend school and engage in other activities outside the family home 
  • Enabling children to have their needs validated and risks reduced through focused protective behaviours work and one to one work in their own homes 
  • Helping children gain a supportive and nurturing environment in the family home through focused support work with parent(s) 
  • Helping children to develop social and communication skills through structured play activities and the promotion of a more effective attachment with their parent(s) 

FAST’s Impact on Parents/Carers:

  • Developing an effective and positive relationship with statutory services 
  • Experiencing a more positive, rewarding relationship with their children 
  • Engaging more productively with other agencies and support networks through coordinated ‘partnership’ planning 
  • Beginning to address emotional and psychological needs through focused and supportive intervention 
  • Developing  ‘parenting capacity’ through defined interventions (cognitive behavioural work, problem solving approaches, education of children’s developmental needs)

FAST support can only be offered to families that are an open case to Milton Keynes Children’s Social Care. For more information, please see the below leaflets:

FAST Leaflet (PDF, 806KB)

FAST Tier 1 Leaflet (PDF, 92KB)

Contact Support Service Leaflet (PDF, 709KB)

FAST can be contacted on 01908 253232.

Last Updated: 4 April 2019