Children and Families Practices - your local support

Teams are located in Central, North and South Milton Keynes offering advice and support through CFPs, Children's Centres, Youth Provision and Specialist Teachers.

Children and Families Practices offer early help services for families with additional or considerable needs. Three teams are based in local areas to ensure that support is more accessible to children, young people and their families.

Alongside the Children and Families Practices, there is advice and support available to families on the following:

  • Children's Centres
  • Youth Provision
  • Specialist Teachers

The three locally based practices are in the North (Greenleys Centre in Greenleys), South (Rivers Centre, Bletchley) and Central Milton Keynes (Farthing Grove, Netherfield).

Information for professionals - how to make a referral

More information about how to make a referral to a Children and Families Practice in Milton Keynes can be found on the Children and Families Practices professionals page.

Last Updated: 30 November 2017