Continuation of Reducing Parental Conflict

Recap: The Reducing Parental Conflict Programme is a project delivered by Milton Keynes Council for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) invested £39 million nationally in a new Reducing Parental Conflict (RPC) Programme to support both the supply and demand for evidence-based interventions at a local level. Milton Keynes Council (through the Strengthening Families team) was given DWP funds to implement training to ‘Reduce Parental Conflict’ within MK. Locally, we know that supporting parental relationships is recognised as a significant issue by those working with families, yet is not something many existing family services address.

What it’s all about

There is strong evidence that conflict in the relationship between parents, including separated parents, can have a significant impact on children’s emotional, behavioural, social and academic development as well as their mental health. Parents in poverty or under economic pressure are more likely to experience relationship conflict. The DWP estimates that 11% of all children, and 28% of children in workless families, have parents in a distressed relationship.  As practitioners, we already understand the importance of recognising the signs of domestic abuse, but what about parental conflict? The multi-agency training that has been made available will help embed a focus on reducing parental conflict in local systems and services.


MKC provided the DWPs training in early 2020 and we are now in a position to offer additional repeat training to those who may have missed it.  Despite there initially being 4 modules of training available, we are able to offer a session on Module 3, E-learning modules 1-4 and a ‘train the trainer’ event as set out below:

*Module 3: Working with parents in conflict. (How do I support, refer or intervene?).  Open to a wide range of frontline practitioners working with adults, children and families in a variety of roles across the reach of Local Authorities and partner organisations.

Train the Trainer Module (2 days): is designed to familiarise and upskill Local Authority and partner nominated trainers to deliver the Reducing Parental Conflict (RPC), classroom-based training modules. virtual based that can be tailored to people’s specification. This module is for people that will deliver the training to other organisations in their local area. It is recommended participants nominated to attend the Training the Trainer events have attended all four classroom-based (before COVID) modules prior or at least complete the e-learning in advance. Please Note: TTT is based on Module 1-4 contents and about delivering them.

To see the original training opportunities (DOCX, 184KB) and background information please click on the highlighted links.

All Training options:

E-licences (Modules 1-4) available

Module 3: Virtual Training

Train the Trainer (2 day Virtual Training course)

Dates and Times

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Last Updated: 5 February 2021