Healthy Relationships Project

This project is aimed at supporting those families who are experiencing issues within their family relationships.

The support available includes;

*Please Note: Go straight to the Healthy Relationships Team to book on to any Healthy Relationships courses.

Further details of the support available is provided below. Please contact either:

Healthy Relationships Project or calling 01908 254223


Pathway to Freedom

  • 6 week programme providing a pathway to the Freedom Programme
  • Looks at healthy relationships and having our own needs met
  • Helps to build confidence and self-esteem in order to meet personal goals                                                          

Freedom Programme for Women

  • 12 week programme for women who have experienced unhealthy and abusive relationships

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Recovery Toolkit

  • The Recovery Toolkit is a 12 week programme which aims to rebuild the self-esteem and confidence of women who have lived with abuse. It teaches them to value themselves and it celebrates the enormous effort that they made in keeping themselves and their family safe.

Freedom Programme for Men

  • 2-day programme aimed at addressing the issues and beliefs relating to unhealthy relationships in order to make positive changes

Freedom Programme Online 

  • For those women and men who are unable to attend a Freedom Programme group but identify with the need to make changes in their relationships.       

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Healthy Relationships for Couples

  • 6 week programme to help couples understand and achieve a healthy relationship
  • Looks at the importance of positive communication both verbal and non-verbal
  • Helps to build confidence and self-esteem

‘Let’s Talk’ Young People’s Group

  • An 8 week programme to help young people identify with keeping safe and building healthy relationships

Outreach Services

  • Providing counselling/support for issues such as the effects of domestic abuse on self and children
  • Feelings of isolation
  • Low self-esteem and confidence

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Future Group Courses (dates and times yet to be arranged)

Escape the Trap for young people

  • An 8 week programme providing a simple, straightforward and accessible way for young people to address their expectations of relationships and how being treated with respect, care and love may be experienced.

Who’s In Charge?

  • An 8 week programme for parents and carers who have children who use violent or abusive behaviour towards them or currently appear to be beyond parental control

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Last Updated: 7 September 2020