How do I make a nomination?

Nominations are made by completing the nomination form (DOCX, 38KB) with consent which is available in both an online version and a Word version. If completing the online version there is a single page consent for you to fill in attached to this page. Once this has been completed the forms (nomination, consent and family plan) should be sent to:

The nomination form reflects the eligibility criteria. This enables the nominating professional (key worker) to think through how a family might be eligible and provide some initial information.  An example (PDF, 171KB) of a completed nomination form with consent has been prepared to assist key workers with their nominations.  The consent form must be signed by the family to be eligible for the programme. 

The next stage of the nomination process is to agree the family plan (DOCX, 45KB) between family and keyworker.  An example (PDF, 122KB) of the completed family plan has been prepared to assist key workers. Please note that Strengthening Families do not work with families that is the responsibility of the key worker.

SF Nomination Process

If in doubt, submit a nomination and the Strengthening Families Team will provide support and advice to confirm eligibility.


Last Updated: 17 February 2021