The Incredible Years Parenting Programme

The Incredible Years Parenting Programme has a strong focus on developing the parent and child's positive relationship along with looking at behaviour strategies.

Benefits of the programme are;

  • Increase young children's social and emotional regulation, 
  • Reducing behaviour problems,
  • Improve the parent and child interaction,
  • Building positive parent-child relationships and attachment,
  • Improved parental functioning, less harsh and more nurturing parenting, 
  • Increased parental social support and problem solving.

The goal for Milton Keynes is to deliver this evidence-based programme to develop positive parent-child relationships and assist in preventing and treating behaviour problems.

This involves promoting; social, emotional and academic competence, before a child becomes an adult.

The parenting group in Milton Keynes will be delivered for parents of children between the ages of 2-8years.

The Incredible Years Parenting Programme will be delivered across Milton Keynes initially in Family centres from February 2017. Please contact your local children centres for further information  Access to Children's Centre's

Last Updated: 30 November 2017