Childcare - Provider Data Collection

Application Form To Appear On The Milton Keynes Council Children & Families Information Search

Data Protection Act 1998:

The information you provide on this form will be held by Children & Families Information (C&FI) and shared with Milton Keynes Council to enable it to fulfil its statutory obligations to secure the provision of information, advice and training for childcare providers, to review the sufficiency of childcare and nursery education.



Application To Appear On The MKC Children & Families Information Search

3. Contact Details

Please enter with no gaps

4. Age Range - What age range of children do you care for?

5. Age Group Capacities - The limit Ofsted have set in regards to how many

children you are allowed to care for at one time

6. Special Needs Areas of Experience

7. Two Year Old Funding

8. School Pick Up/Drop Off

9. If you have answered yes to Q8, please provide a brief explanation

to what facilities/services you can provide

10. Additional Information

Use this as an opportunity to sell your service to parents who are looking for childcare, for example, what makes your service different; why should parents use you?

11. Childminders/Childcare on Domestic Premises

As a matter of child safety MKC will automatically advertise your service

with a suppressed address. This will consist of your

Provider Name, Area, Post Code, Telephone Numbers and Email/Website addresses.