Useful Early Years information and initiatives including Coronavirus updates

Important updates and information regarding Coronavirus

Support, Advice and Guidance for schools and educational settings during the Coronavirus situation

Support, advice and guidance is available during the Coronavirus situation.

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News from around the web

Hungry Little Minds

A government initiative to encourage parents to use every day situations and activities to encourage children to chat play and read.

Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Gardening Award

There is a great gardening scheme which is free to join from RHS to promote children to become keen gardeners.

The award has five levels with each award level having criteria to work towards and evidence.  After submitting evidence and photographs for each level, prizes and certificates are sent out. 

Awards consist of a starter kit, RHS book, mountains of seeds, vouchers, vegetable and fruit plants received spring, summer and autumn for one year, amongst other goodies.

The levels include:-

  • developing a small project for future gardening plans
  • evidencing what the children have learnt about gardening
  • mini project e.g. healthy eating
  • a gardening project to raise money
  • local community project

Each level is easily achievable and it is a great opportunity to enable children to observe the growth cycle from start to finish.

Visit RHS website for further information.

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Eat Better Start Better

Guidance on providing a balanced diet for children in your care.

Study of Early Education and Development (SEED)

A study on the effect of early education on children’s outcomes and quality of provision. 

Early Education Endowment Foundation

Information, advice, activities and interventions that can be used to support children from birth to five years. 

Current consultations

There are no current consultations.

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Disclaimer: Milton Keynes council accepts no responsibility for the actual content of any materials suggested as information sources in this publication, whether these are in the form of printed publications or on a website. Their use should not be interpreted as an endorsement of particular companies or their products. 

The websites referred to in these materials existed at the time of going to print. Please check all website references carefully to see if they have changed and substitute other references where appropriate. Also, check all signposted training (whether MKC or independent) meets the needs of your setting.

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Last Updated: 21 June 2021