If there is something that's worrying you this section will give you the details of who to talk to.

Keeping you and others safe

Remember everyone has the right to feel safe all the time

Some things that may make you and others feel unsafe:

  • Someone keeps yelling at you and is making you feel bad
  • Someone is hurting you or about to hurt you
  • The way someone is touching you or making you touch them makes you feel uncomfortable
  • People around you are fighting and hurting one another
  • Someone has asked you to keep a secret and you feel uncomfortable or bad about it
  • Someone is sending you nasty email or text messages
  • You feel your needs or safety are being neglected by the people who are supposed to be looking after you

If you, or someone you know aged under 18 doesn’t feel safe, call

MK Children & Families services on 01908 253169 or 253170 or ChildLine 0800 1111

Last Updated: 4 April 2020