Children, young people, parents & other adults

We are pleased that you are interested in learning to play a musical instrument or looking to develop your playing by joining a music group. Below are organisations and places you can contact for further information and how to join.

How do I find a good quality instrumental teacher?

With so many instrumental teachers available the Music Hub has developed a ‘Professional Partner’ scheme with instrumental teachers. These teachers have been interviewed by the Music Hub and, if appointed, commit to ongoing professional development and high standards of teaching.

The current list of ‘Professional Partner’ teachers that the Music Hub can recommend can be found here: Professional Partners

All ‘Professional Partners’ have checks on their DBS status, Public Liability Insurance and ongoing support to ensure that they have access to training and regular discussion about their practice.

Where do I go to learn a musical instrument?

The leading organisation in Milton Keynes specialising in instrumental tuition is the Milton Keynes Music Co-op. Currently consisting of around 65 teachers that teach a wide range of instruments, teaching takes place at a number of venues around Milton Keynes.

For further details look them up at or contact them directly at or telephone 01908 699052. Please note that not all Music Co-op members may be a Music Hub ‘Professional Partner’. If in doubt please ask the Music Co-op when you contact them.

Where can I hire a musical instrument?

The MK Music Faculty provides low-cost instrumental hire. 

I or my child already plays a musical instrument. Where can we join a group or band?

MK Music Faculty runs a weekly Music Centre which has a large-range of music groups for children from the ages of 2 to adults.