Professor Ferre Laevers

Useful documents for settings that have undertaken training relating to Professor Laevers and the Leuven Scales

Professor Ferre Laevers uses a 5 point scale to measure a child's well-being and involvement to assess the level of learning that is taking place. A consistent low level of well-being and involvement will raise the chance of a child's development being threatened. As the level of well-being and involvement is raised the learning increases. When a consistent high level of well-being and involvement is recorded the practitioner knows that a deep level of learning is taking place.

Guidance and documents for use with the Leuven Well-being and Involvement Scales:

SICS Manual (PDF, 920KB)

Process Oriented Monitoring (POMS) Form (PDF, 277KB)

Process Oriented Monitoring (POMS) Form version 2 (PDF, 263KB)

POMS Group Screening Comments Sheet (DOC, 44KB)

SICS Observation Schedule (PDF, 82KB)

SICS Analysis of the Observations (PDF, 87KB)

SICS Analysis of the Context and Approach (PDF, 686KB)

Decision Plan Involvement (PDF, 724KB)


Last Updated: 30 November 2017