Closing a road for a street party

King’s Coronation

Closing a road for a street party

Some local communities may wish to hold their own street party event to celebrate His Majesty’s Coronation on Saturday 6 May 2023. If this means you need to close a road, here’s what you need to know:

When a road closure is not required

If you are holding a small event that does not need a road closure e.g., neighbours getting together in a cul-de-sac, you can do this without having to inform MKCC (Milton Keynes City Council). This is called a ‘Street Meet.’ Make sure that the footway is clear though so that people can move safely along the street. You should make residents aware of the event in advance. Remember, not everyone may wish to be involved.

When a road closure is required

You will need to apply for a road closure if your event is larger and requires the road to hold your event. Your application should be sent to us by 5pm on 31 March.

Contact the Council’s highways team on to apply for a road closure and provide details about your event including the road/s affected and the date and times. Closing a public highway road without approval is an offence.

This is essential so that emergency services and transport operators can be advised in advance of potential closures.

You will also need to consider Road Closed signage and cones to close off the road.

To hire cones and signs, please contact

When applying for a road closure you will need to include the following information:

  • Name of the road/s you would like to close – if this road is on a bus route, the operator will need to be informed and an alternative route provided.
  • Exact date and times of the closure – include any setting up and cleaning up time. The maximum closure time is 12 hours.
  • List of the affected properties including any businesses.
  • Evidence that most residents agree.

Please note:

For large events, you will need to send us your completed risk assessment, event management plan, site plan and proof of public liability insurance. 

Please view our Safety Advisory Group pages for additional guidance : Public safety at events | Milton Keynes City Council (

If you will be charging for alcohol e.g., providing a paid bar or live music or you will be charging entry, you will need to contact the Licensing team, for details visit

Public Liability Insurance

For smaller events we recommend that you purchase public liability insurance to cover the organiser/s for any injury arising from the event or for repairing any damage to public assets caused by the event. The cost is quite low and could be split between neighbours or contributions could be asked for.

Larger events will need public liability insurance and a risk assessment. The risk assessment should include details about:

  • What to do if there is extreme weather affecting the event?
  • Any trips or slips hazards?
  • Use of any fuel powered generators
  • Responsible collection and disposal of waste after the event
  • Road closures, parking, and access