Heart Centre, The

Home of Hridaya Yoga and Meditation in the UK.

The Heart Centre brings the beautiful and transformative practice of Hridaya Yoga and Meditation - the Yoga of the Spiritual Heart to the UK. Naz shares these teachings with the intention of opening your heart, quietening the mind and deepening your connection to your divine Self.

Naz is a certified Hridaya Yoga and Meditation teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance and the International Yoga Federation. She has been practicing and studying Yoga, Meditation and spirituality around the world for over 9 years, guiding her to set up The Heart Centre as a platform to share these teachings. Her passion to elevate the world and knowledge of yoga allows her to bring the beautiful teachings of Hridaya to your mat with a degree of love, compassion, willingness to explore and most importantly humour!

Suitable for beginners and all ages.

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