Below you will find information on local crime data, population statistics, strategic assessments and our annual survey results.

Crime data

Find out information on crime figures in your neighbourhood.

Information about Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Insight provides a very quick and easy portrait of the available comparable information in 2015-16. Providing an indication of change, it is useful in establishing benchmarks and providing focus for those who plan strategy and resources. This ‘insight’ highlights the challenges that face the people of Milton Keynes, local service planners and voluntary agencies. The MK Insight website can be accessed here. 

SaferMK Annual Survey

Each year the SaferMK partnership conducts a crime and community safety survey. The survey is intended to capture your views, opinions and experiences of crime and community safety issues in Milton Keynes. Your responses will direct our work in keeping Milton Keynes a safe place to live, visit and work.

The 2018 survey is currently under development.

Last Updated: 9 November 2018