Newport Pagnell Conservation Area Review

Conservation and Archaeology Team
Conservation and Archaeology Team
01908 252599
12/04/2010 - 24/05/2010

The Newport Pagnell Conservation Area Review (Consultation Draft) has been published for a six week period between 12th April 2010 and 24th May 2010 and we would like to have your views on its contents. Throughout the document there are questions to answer. Each question takes the form of a statement which you should answer by telling us whether you agree or disagree with what the statement says.

By taking part in the review you will help us to see whether the document is clearly written, whether or not you agree with what we think is special about the town, how it can be protected or made better and our proposals to amend the conservation area boundary. It will help us if you can explain why you agree or disagree with the statements. You may not have a strong view but we would welcome your observations nevertheless.