Sheltered Housing: Consultation on Charges

Housing and Community
Mark Smith, Strategic Finance Business Partner (Housing & Planning)
01908 253904
28/11/2016 - 01/01/2017


To seek feedback from tenants on proposals for new and revised service charges for Sheltered Housing.


The council is determined to continue to provide a high-quality sheltered housing service in Milton Keynes, to support residents to live independently. This means that we need to ensure that the service is financially viable, and that sheltered housing tenants are contributing fair and affordable amounts towards the costs of the service. Earlier this year we undertook an engagement process to seek tenants input and ideas on how additional funding might be generated. Following this, we are now consulting you on a range of proposed changes, which will replace the current charges and add a new one. Please see the consultation document on the left of this page for full details of the proposals.  

You can give your views by completing the online response form.