MK New Town Heritage Register


Milton Keynes is the last, largest and most ambitious of the all the new towns.  The combination of its scale, distinctive grid layout, architectural and landscape driven design will not be seen again in this country.

Some individual new town assets have already been recognised at a national level by the government and its advisors, Historic England. However, beyond these are many buildings, structures, landscapes, artworks and places of local significance that are valued because they contribute to the distinctive identity of Milton Keynes.

The MK New Town Heritage Register project seeks to identify, bring together and celebrate those assets to inform planning decisions and positively promote the new town heritage of Milton Keynes.

Please visit Milton Keynes New Town Heritage Register webpage for further information.


Consultants Alan Baxter Limited have been employed by MKC to produce two documents which will underpin the New Town Heritage Register.  We are seeking your feedback on these.  

Please visit the Milton Keynes New Town Heritage Register webpage to download the documents.