Wayfinding Totems for CMK - consultation

Urban Design
Grant Gibson or Tina Guile
01908 254727
14/12/2018 - 08/02/2019


MK Council is consulting on the installation of 13 wayfinding totems along Midsummer Boulevard between Milton Keynes Central Station and The Gallery.

The totems have been designed to match the already installed finger-post signs along Midsummer Boulevard which contribute to the suite of wayfinding products to help residents and visitors to MK navigate their way between Milton Keynes Central Station and The Gallery along Midsummer Boulevard.

To give you an idea of how these look and where they will be placed, the attached documents show the locations and the type of totem that will be used.

Under the 'Documents' section to the left of this page you can view:

  • A map showing the location of each totem*
  • Detailed location and direction of each totem
  • Information detailed on each Totem
  • Sample maps

*The map details the location of all proposed CMK Wayfinding for future phases.

For the purpose of this consultation the focus is only on MBPT002 – MB0013


The aim of the CMK Wayfinding project is to provide clear directions within the CMK area for those travelling by sustainable modes of travel, primarily walking and cycling. Signage is already in place at MK Central train station for bus and taxis use, but beyond that it is poor. Walking and cycling routes from MK Central station to Intu and on to The Gallery are currently underutilised and as MK Central train station is just 1.3km from the shopping centre and just 900 metres to the Hub, the relatively short distances to the shopping centre and the Hub are not clear upon arrival at the train station, which may lead to visitors deciding to take a taxi rather than walk or cycle the short distances.

Plans and strategy work in relation to wayfinding in Milton Keynes dates back a number of years and in addition to the wayfinding at Milton Keynes Central Station for taxis and buses, 15 finger-post signs have been installed as part of the project along Midsummer Boulevard.


This stage will see the installation of 13 Totems along Midsummer Boulevard between Milton Keynes Central Station and The Gallery to compliment the finger-posts signs installed in 2016.


Improved wayfinding in CMK will impact positively on the economy in Milton Keynes. It will help to promote Milton Keynes as an attractive place to visit for leisure (by posing less confusion to visitors trying to navigate on foot or bike towards the shopping centre and The Gallery). It will also impact positively on businesses in CMK and those along the corridors where signage will be installed and visitors to workplaces in Milton Keynes will be able to navigate their way from Central Milton Keynes Station to their destination by foot or cycle.


Additionally, improved wayfinding will encourage active travel, and contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions due to less journeys being made by car or taxi.


To make comments or ask questions you can also get in touch with either:

Grant Gibson, Urban Design

Tel:01908 254727

Email: grant.gibson@milton-keynes.gov.uk


Tina Guile

Tel: 07702 816716

Email: tina.guile@milton-keynes.gov.uk



To inform and advise the public and key stakeholders on the design and location of 13 wayfinding totems for CMK.