Draft Housing Strategy 2019 – 2024


The Housing Strategy provides a clear vision of how the Council and its stakeholders can achieve our shared aspiration in providing housing that meets the needs and requirements of Milton Keynes. It reflects how vital good housing is to the health and wellbeing of residents, the role it plays in building and maintaining strong communities and how housing is entwined with the economic prosperity of Milton Keynes. Not everyone in Milton Keynes can access affordable, sustainable and good quality housing and yet this is central to residents being able to live prosperous, healthy and happy lives. Pressures of a growing and aging population will create additional demand. The Housing Strategy sets out possible solutions and approaches to overcoming these challenges. Our four priorities are:

Priority One:  High quality placemaking, creating great places to live

Priority Two:  Increase the delivery of homes, including truly affordable housing, along with the infrastructure to meet housing need   

Priority Three:  Ensure that everyone has access to appropriate, safe and secure housing that meets their needs             

Priority Four:  Ensure high quality homes and landlord services

To have your say on this consultation, please complete the online form here or email housing.strategy@milton-keynes.gov.uk.


The consultation is to seeks the views of the public and other stakeholders on the Draft Housing Strategy, with a focus on ensuring we have set the right priorities and objectives for Milton Keynes.