Draft private sector housing strategy


We are consulting with the public and other stakeholders on the Draft Private Sector Housing Strategy, with a focus on ensuring we have set the right approach and priorities for Milton Keynes.  Please click the Online Form to the left of this page to submit your feedback.


This strategy sets out the strategic direction for Private Sector Housing within Milton Keynes. Its purpose is to set the context as to how we intend to meet the challenges and opportunities confronting the service and to set out the key priorities for action and delivery.  Whilst housing conditions in the private sector are generally good and above the national average a significant number of properties remain with serious hazards. Our priorities will focus on raising standards in the private sector paying particular attention to ensuring fire safety in Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO) and removing or reducing serious hazards across other tenures. Working with private landlords to encourage and support them to improve standards and increase the supply of affordable accommodation, whilst taking robust action against landlords who fail to remedy hazards, licence HMOs or comply with property management regulations.

Our four priorities are:

  1. Raising standards in the private sector
  2. Encourage, support and regulate private sector housing
  3. Helping older & vulnerable people remain in their own homes
  4. Maximise use of the existing private sector housing stock