Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Business Plan


What is the Housing Revenue Account?

Put simply, the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) is the bank account within the Council that your rent and service charges is paid into. It is separate to any other budget within the Council.

We are working hard to modernise our landlord services and to make sure that the rent and service charges you pay for your home are spent on things that matter to you.

What can the money be spent on?

The money from your rent and service charges can only be spent on services that benefit council tenants and leaseholders such as:

  • Maintaining and improving council owned homes
  • Providing new council homes
  • Providing services such as caretaking
  • Meeting our legal obligations as a landlord to make sure homes and estates are safe and well maintained such as gas safety checks

What can’t the money be spent on?

There are many things that we cannot use the HRA money for such as maintaining public highways, providing social or personal care and general refuse collections. The HRA money cannot be used to pay for services already paid for by your council tax (such as weekly refuse collections) so you will never be double charged.

Why is the council consulting tenants and leaseholders?

The council first developed the HRA Business Plan in 2018 and is now refreshing it. The Business Plan sets out how much money will be invested over the next 30 years and wants your views on how that money should be spent in order to take your priorities into account.

What will happen after the consultation?

We will be taking a report on the consultation results to Cabinet in December, along with a revised Business Plan which will have factored in your feedback and priorities.

How can you get involved and share your views?

We would really encourage you to complete our online survey or fill in the paper copy we have sent you and send it back in the prepaid envelope.


To gather the opinion of council tenants on their priorities for spending monies received into the Housing Rent Account.

Click on the link below to fill in the response form.