Go Ultra Low charging hub for residential electric vehicle charging - Coffee Hall


Milton Keynes Council was awarded a Go Ultra Low City Status, one of four UK Cities and received funding from OLEV (Office for Low Emission Vehicles) to help continue roll of charging infrastructure for both residents and businesses to help support the uptake of electric vehicles.

We are therefore running an Informal consultation on the proposal for an electric vehicle charging hub for residents incorporating fast and rapid charging at Coffee Hall.



The purpose of this EV Hub is to provide local residents without off street parking to be able to own an electric vehicle, and charge it within walking distance of their homes.

Next steps

Coffee Hall, MK6 5EG has been proposed for this trial for the following reasons:

  • proximity to residential areas
  • availability of parking spaces
  • availability of power close to car park

A plan is attached showing the scale of the proposal

We value feedback on:

  • the choice of location
  • number of charging points

 This feedback will help us make informed decisions.

All feedback to the proposal, together with the reasoning, can be emailed to: 


The closing date for this consultation is Friday 6 November 2020.