Admission Arrangements for September 2022


Milton Keynes Council has the duty to consult upon and determine its admission arrangements for 2022 for those schools for which it is the admission authority. The council is the admission authority for all community and voluntary controlled schools, but not the admission authority for all other types of school (voluntary aided, foundation or academy).

The admission arrangements for 2022 propose the following changes:

  1. Following a recommendation from the DfE, a proposed change to the oversubscription criteria that a looked after child or previously looked after child in care outside of England should be recognised as a separate oversubscription criterion (criterion 2).  This definition is currently included within criterion 1.
  2. Proposed changes to the Published Admission Number (PAN) of three schools.  The proposals are as follows:


Current PAN

Proposed PAN

Cold Harbour C of E Primary



Russell Street



St Mary’s Wavendon CofE Primary



     3.  A proposed change to the catchment area of St Mary’s Wavendon CofE Primary School to reflect housing development in the local area.


This policy outlines the admission arrangements for all community and voluntary controlled primary schools in Milton Keynes with effect from admission to schools in September 2022.

This consultation seeks views from those directly involved as to whether they are in agreement with the proposal.

Please read the linked documents on this page and use the online form to respond.

Schools not covered by this policy are responsible for making their own decisions regarding their admission arrangements. Queries regarding arrangements for these schools should be made directly to the schools concerned.

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