On Street Residential Induction Charging Trial - Ashland Lakes


The aim of this trial is to explore the practical application of wireless charging technology; which has the benefits of removing the need for EV charging-cables and associated street clutter, and increased ease-of-use for those with limited mobility. The car club will enable residents to hire an electric vehicle and have the ability to easily charge it, within walking distance of their homes.


Milton Keynes Council is a partner in this Innovate-UK project which is led by the company ‘Char.gy’. The project will trial wireless electric vehicle charging suitable for residents with no off-street parking. Specially adapted vehicles will be able to charge using induction pads, hence no wires to plug in.  The cars can be hired by residents through a car club at very low cost.


Next steps

Ashland Lakes Car Park, MK6 4AN has been proposed for this trial for the following reasons:

  • Proximity to residential areas
  • Requests received for EV Chargers in the area
  • Availability of parking spaces
  • Availability of power close to car park

The attached plan shows the scale of the proposal with parking bays being managed throughout the trial using a vehicle permit system.

Please could you consider the proposal and provide feedback (both positive and negative) on:

  1. The choice of location
  2. Number of charging points

 This feedback will help us make informed decisions going forward.

A formal Off Street Parking Places Order will follow which is a legal document allowing the Highways Authority to restrict the parking bays which is enforceable by law. 

All feedback to the proposal, together with the reasoning for the feedback can be sent by clicking on the contact email address. 

The closing date for this consultation is 11th Dec  2020.

Please submit your comments before the closing date otherwise your comments may not be considered.

Thank you for participating in this consultation exercise.