Public Consultation on a signalised junction for V6 Grafton Street/Avebury Boulevard


We want to hear your views on our proposals for a signalised junction (traffic lights) for the V6 Grafton Street/Avebury Boulevard. The scheme will provide an additional lane travelling northbound on Grafton Street to help ease congestion and improve road safety.

This location has been identified after a history of collisions and high congestion at peak times. There are a few new developments proposed in this area, which will potentially add to the congestion levels.


Why traffic lights?

From a safety and management of the flow of traffic, traffic lights provide the most effective solution for this location. Firstly, they will control the traffic flow from each direction, including the many buses using this route and will help to reduce congestion.

Secondly, they slow the traffic down, so this will help to reduce potential vehicle collisions in this area.

If you wish to make formal comments on this proposal please do so by 5pm on 19 February 2021 to the above email address.


To improve road safety and traffic flow at this location.