Consultation on proposed alteration to the 40mph speed restriction on Drayton Road, Bletchley (TRO-320)

Highways & Transportation
Paul Harrison
01908 252353
25/02/2021 - 18/03/2021


There are two statutory notifications within this proposal which are:

Statutory Notification: Introduction of a controlled pedestrian toucan crossing on Drayton Road, Bletchley (NOT-037a)

Statutory Notification: Introduction of three raised table humps on Drayton Road, Bletchley (NOT-037b)


MK Council is formally serving the following notices of proposal:

1.The Council of the Borough of Milton Keynes (The Council of the Borough of Milton Keynes) (Drayton Road (Part), Bletchley) (40 mph Speed Restriction) Order 2016) Variation Order 2021.

The effect of the proposed traffic regulation Oder will be to extend the 30mph speed limit, by virtue of street lighting, on Drayton Road by 320 metres in a southerly direction.  This will require the Council to vary the current 40mph speed limit Order which came into effect on 27 June 2016.

2. The Council of the Borough of Milton Keynes - Proposed Controlled Toucan Crossing on Drayton Road, Bletchley.

The effect of the above notice will be to inform the general public that the Council proposes to establish a controlled (toucan) crossing under section 23(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 on Drayton Road in Bletchley between the northern entrance of Fern Grove and the access road and the Blue Lagoon Nature Reserve.

The Council of the Borough of Milton Keynes - Proposed Traffic Calming Scheme - Drayton Road, Bletchley.

The Councils reason for altering the existing speed limit and introducing the controlled toucan crossing and raised speed tables comes as a result of the requirement to provide a safe pedestrian crossing link for pedestrians and cyclists between the Lakes Estate and the Blue Lagoon Local Nature Reserve.

The above proposals will encourage and facilitate safer pedestrian and cyclist movement across Drayton Road.

The Council considers it expedient to make the traffic regulation Order (reference TRO-320):

  • to facilitate the expeditious, convenient and safe movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic along the affected length of road;
  • for avoiding danger to persons or other traffic using the road or any other road or for preventing the likelihood of any such danger arising.

 Copies of the notices of proposal, proposed Order together with a plan showing the general arrangements and a statement of reasons, are available for inspection on the left-hand side of this web page under the heading “Documents”

Any comments or objections to the above proposals, together with the grounds upon which they are made, must be made in writing and sent to the Council’s Traffic Regulation Order Team at Milton Keynes Council, Synergy Park, Chesney Wold, Bleak Hall, Milton Keynes, MK6 1LY, or by email to quoting reference TRO-320 (30mph Speed Limit), NOT-037a (Toucan Crossing) and NOT-037b (Raised Table Humps).

The closing date for this consultation is 18 March 2021.

Please submit your comments before the closing date otherwise your comments may not be considered.