Consultation – proposed gap closures V8 Marlborough Street between the H7 and H8 Eaglestone and Peartree Bridge.


To improve road safety in this location, we are proposing to close off several central reservation gaps on the V8 Marlborough Street (Eaglestone and Peartree Bridge).

The plan showing the proposed changes to the current layout of the V8 between the H7 Chaffron Way and the H8 Standing Way can be viewed in the Documents section.

This location has been identified after a history of collisions at various junctions along this section of the V8 Marlborough Street.

The aim of the scheme is to provide a safer environment for vehicles travelling on the V8 Marlborough Street, and to provide safer entry and exit points to the residential areas of Eaglestone and Peartree Bridge.


Update: 12 November 2021

Based on the information in the Collision Investigation Report, the decision has been made to close the right turn gap for road safety. You can view this report in the Documents section.



To improve road safety at this location.