Italian - Next Steps

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Is this the right course for me?

You may have completed an introductory course, such as Italian – First Steps, All Day Italian or equivalent (you may have spent time in the country and/or with Italian friends) and feel ready to start the longer course, Italian - Next Steps. You will continue to make progress on the Languages Ladder by acquiring more skills at the Breakthrough stage (see below).

What will I learn?

You will build on your existing knowledge and continue to learn to understand, speak, read and write enough Italian to get by in everyday situations you might encounter on a first visit to an Italian speaking country. These might include talking about yourself and your family, shopping, eating out, travelling and leisure activities.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • ask/ answer simple questions e.g. about your family
  • understand the main points from a short spoken passage
  • understand the main points from a short written text e.g. from a menu or travel leaflet
  • understand and use numbers confidently to include money, date and time
  • write short sentences to a model and fill in the words on a simple form
  • write a few short sentences e.g. a postcard, cards, and emails.

How will I learn?

You will be in a class of no more than 16 and will often work in pairs or small groups.

The emphasis will be on speaking and understanding the language so expect the main language of the classroom to be Italian! You will be asking and answering questions in the language and taking part in simple everyday conversations using role-play. You will learn to read signs, leaflets and menus through games and you may take part in interactive learning via the Internet and PowerPoint.

Will I gain a qualification?

You will have the opportunity to climb the Languages Ladder by receiving a Grade Certificate in one or more skills (speaking, listening, reading or writing). This is optional but many learners decide to take this route. Your tutor will give you more information.

What can I do next?

You will be able to continue your studies next term at a higher level.

Can I talk to someone about my course before I start it?

If you would like more information about this course, please email Philip Allsop, Curriculum Manager for Languages.

If you are unsure about your current level or want to know more about what different classes will cover you can find more information on the Language Ladder.

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