Animal Health and Welfare

Local Authorities have an enforcement role in laws which are designed to prevent, control and eradicate animal disease on farms and ensure the welfare of animals in transit. We would play a full part in the emergency arrangements if diseases like rabies or anthrax were to break out in the area.

If you are thinking of buying a new pet from overseas (e.g. cats or dogs) you must notify the Animal and Plant Health Agency by completing this form (DOC, 34KB) and sending it to You must ensure that the notification form gives at LEAST 24 hours notice to the Agency of your new pets arrival in the United Kingdom.

If you have any questions concerning this you can contact the Animal and Plant Health Agency directly on 03000 200 301.

For more information on prevention and control of animal disease visit the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs website


Last Updated: 18 July 2018