Dog Warden

Collection of Stray dogs in Milton Keynes 

Noah’s Ark Environmental Services collect all stray dogs in Milton Keynes. If your dog is missing, please contact them. During office hours Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm on 0333 5775070. Outside of these hours call 0844 4996063. NOTE  Call Charges Apply Click here to find out more

If your dog is found and collected by Noah’s Ark Environmental Services, you will be expected to pay the full costs incurred to reclaim your animal as follows:

Kennelling  £17 per day

Collection fee if picked up from the van £65.00

Collection fee if picked up from the kennels £75.00

The Statutory Fine element is £25

Any vet fees paid

You can arrange with Noah’s Ark Environmental Services to have the dog returned to you directly but this will mean an additional charge to cover their costs.

The daily rate for kennelling will start from as soon as your dog is booked into kennels.

Please note that all stray dogs will be kept for 7 days before either being re-homed or destroyed. The kennels will endeavour to re-home as many dogs as possible but due to the volume of unwanted dogs, this is not always possible.

If your dog is lost please contact Noah’s Ark Environmental Services along with visiting the DogLost website as your pet may have strayed into another council area.


If you think a stray dog may cause you harm then read more information on dangerous dogs 

Last Updated: 31 January 2020