Join Buy With Confidence

How does a business apply to be a member of the scheme?

To join the Buy With Confidence scheme, businesses must abide by the Code, agree to comply with the conditions of the scheme and undergo an audit by Trading Standards. If a company agrees to meet these conditions, they complete and sign an application form which is available from Trading Standards. The application form can be downloaded here (DOC, 147KB)  or for a hard copy application pack please contact Buy With Confidence team on 01908 252817 or contact us by e-mail.

Which sectors of business can apply?

Milton Keynes Trading Standards was developed for the home improvement sector, car dealers and garages initially. This is because these can be high value contracts and there is little consumer knowledge. The scheme can, however, be offered to any sector of business where the customer is a consumer.

What are the costs?

Membership fees and an application fee in year 1 apply, both are non refundable. Payment should be sent at the time of application. The scheme is non profit making, the fees cover the operation, administration, printing and other costs of the scheme. The fees vary depending on the number of employees a business has. Please note that the fee is per premises.

To work out the cost to your business please add the annual fee and the application fee - minimum fee is £450 including VAT.

Membership Fees
No. of Employees Annual Fees   Application Fee First Year Total
1-5 £300 (£250 + VAT) £150 (£125 + VAT) £450 (£375 + VAT)
6-20 £450 (£375 + VAT) £200 (£167 + VAT) £650 (£542 + VAT)
21-49 £600 (£500 + VAT) £250 (£208 + VAT) £850 (£708 + VAT)
50 + Price on application Price on application Price on application
Additional premises £225 (£187.50) pa Additional trading styles £150 (£125) pa

Renewal fees are payable from year 2 and are £225 plus VAT per year.

If you would like to find out more about Buy with Confidence scheme membership please consult the documents below or contact the Buy With Confidence lead officer on tel: 01908 252817 directly.



For further information contact Trading Standards on 01908 252504 or email us.

Last Updated: 11 May 2018